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We had a terrible experience recently withLejendary Journeys Travel while on an all inclusive cruise/tour to Alaska and WA state resort following the cruise. At the resort we learned when we arrived that the contracted for tours would not be available to us and 6 other travelers. We were abandoned by LJ 90 minutes from Seattle with no forms of transportation off the resort available. It was a casino resort, and we did not gamble! The... Read more

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We had an amazing vacation with Legendary Journeys to Switzerland and Austria. The airlines and transfers were excellent. We were booked in a terrific hotel at each hub with breakfast and dinner, hotels right in the center of town for terrific connection to the village. We toured with Legendary every other day to some excellent excursions and then enjoyed our days off in between to plan our own activities. Our guide was with us everyday, a... Read more

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Book a cruise to Cube with Legendary Cruises. The agency booked us on flights that routed us through NY city on our way to Florida from Jamaica creating a 16 hour day. Left bad taste at end. Good Points : Crew on ship had great customer service skills and we received an unexpected balcony stateroom . Cuba had wonderful friendly people most appeared happy. Tours provided in Cuba were excellent. Negative: The agency did nt send the travel... Read more

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In January we had a trip to Jamaica and a cruise to Cuba planned through Legendary Journeys. As part of our itinerary we were to be picked up at the Montego Bay airport and taken to our prepaid hotel the night before the cruise. Our prearranged transportation did not show up, nor did they answer any of the four different pages made on the airport’s PA system by the Jamaican Tourist Board. Ergo, they were not there to meet us. On our paperwork... Read more

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Four of us were excited to go on a bus trip titled "Historic Savannah and Charleston." Upon further reading, the ad definitely stated "3 nights IN historic Savannah" Although we had tried and tried to get some details of where we would be staying, we were continuously refused this information until 6 days before we were to leave and that was when we learned that we were not IN historic Savannah, but our hotel was 25 minutes from there, with no... Read more

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I was on the same trip as the previous complaint. The Hotel was clean but was changed from the original flier. The reason the Cha Bella's ran out of food is because those first in line piled their plates full and only ate part of it. No regard for those still in line. Some took the whole plate of sandwiches to their table. There was plenty of seating but you had to go inside. We had plenty of stops to stretch our legs but rest stops were far... Read more

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This company needs an "Undercover Boss" on a trip to see what a disaster the company is giving their paying clients. Hotel accommodations where changed and ended up being disgusting(on a major four lane highway along with hotel being filthy and unprofessional staff too). Totally unsafe for Seniors or handicapped travelers! Little-to-none communications between LJ personnel and paying clients as to plans for the day, places to eat. Also, no... Read more

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Signed myself and 5 others to go to Savannah for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Flyer (it still is the same) stated we would be staying on Jekyll Isle and have reserved seating for the parade. Received the ddocs and we are staying off I-95 in Brunswick Georgia. Would never have signed up to be on 95. No mention of the reserved seating and 4 of us signed up for and paid to eat and drink. That also is not in the docs. Called and spoke to... Read more

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I've used LJ numerous times, one thing I understand , its a 3 star company with a 3 star price. If you want a 5 star company and service than you'll pay more. I'm using them again to take 59 day Cruise to China in April. The only complaints that I have is their response is terrible. Your information and packages are always last minute, I never take their bus trips. If they learned that their customers is the reason they are in business they... Read more

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Buyer beware! this is the absolute lowest disgraceful outfit in the history of travel! The guides lied to us, stole from us, would not let us shop anywhere except the *** they got commission from whic amounted to 5 minutes at each stop... do not go on the trip they are going to extort money from you throughout the whole booking process asking for more money each month before you leave you will pay for rent a room and only get an outside cabin... Read more

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