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Legendary Journey advertised a Panama Canal cruise for $899.One ad said that this price was for the October cruises only, but when I booked the January cruise, the ad said that this was eligible for a $100 discount if paid by check.

The following day, the agent called me and said that this was a mistake and the cost would be $999.

One hundred dollars isn't going to break me, but it does disturb me that they can get away with doing things like this.

They might be a large company, but if they continue doing things like this, they will not get any more of my business.

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Sarasota, Florida, United States #1005417

Thank you for posting your concern and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond.We apologize for the misunderstanding you experienced when making your reservation.

In our advertisements, Legendary Journeys' Lead In rates already INCLUDE all applicable discounts, including our Check Discount. We are one of the few travel companies that give a discount for this form of payment. We do this because we do not have to pay any further merchant fees to process the payment and we pass this savings back to our valued clients.

Again, Thank you for posting your concerns.Legendary Journeys strives to provide the greatest value for your travel dollar.


Legendary Journeys


So sorry to hear about what you encountered with Golj.travel.I am an Associate with Cruise Planners and Tours, which is an American Express travel company, and WE Guarantee our rates.

When joining the company, we MUST have E&O Insurance. Next time, email me for rates to compare, and I'll guarantee we'll be friends from then on. I can be reached at Cntamlyn@aol.com or Lynn@JFStravel.com, and our website is JFSTravel. com.

I'll be happy to add you to our monthly cruise list.Happy to say, that I've been in the travel business for over 18 years.


I got an email last night about a 11 day cruise for $649 ..I was at the office at 10am when they opened.I wanted to book 2 rooms.

They said it was not "loaded" into the computer yet. Said they would flag it and call ASAP. By 1:30 I had not heard. So I called back.

The lady I was working with was "busy". And would call me back. I called back around 4. Finally talked to lady.

She said they only had 5 cabins at that price but could sell me the cruise for another $300 each. OMG.

How can they do this?To me this is bait and switch!

to Bait and switch Sarasota, Florida, United States #1005479

Thank you for posting your comment to this post.We do apologize that your reservation experience was not as it should.

Legendary Journeys strives to provide our guests with unbeatable value. Sometimes we do move too quickly to get the word out to our customers and that is what occurred in this case. All of our cruise and tour specials are first come, first reserved. Many times we only have a limited number of spaces at our lowest lead in rates and they do get reserved very quickly.

We do hope that you give us another chance.

If you run into these problems again in the future, please let us know by contacting our Customer Relations Team by emailing Customerrelations@LJ.travel with your name and as much detail regarding the situation as you can give and we will be more than happy to research and respond accordingly.


Legendary Journeys


We have traveled with Legendary Journeys several times and are very pleased with them. You may be upset about this time, but you will never find similar cruise packages for the price you get at Legendary. I have searched many times and they are always the best prices - and we have been pleased with their service.

to Jane Kline Sarasota, Florida, United States #1005483

Hello Mrs.Kline!

Thank you so much for posting your comment to this post. We very much appreciate your kind words and are thrilled that you have enjoyed traveling with us!

We do work very hard to provide our clients with unbeatable deals and awesome rates!We look forward to seeing you on a future Legendary Journey!


Legendary Journeys

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