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We made the mistake of scheduling a trip with Legendary Journeys; starting in Albuquerque NM on Oct 2, 2015 for the Annual Balloon Fiesta and ending in Las Vegas on Oct 9, 2015.

This posting is only a few paragraphs of a 9 page typed certified letter to the President of Legendary Journeys, Al Ferguson, and a copy sent to Vice President, Charles Scott, outlining issues we had from our first experience with their reservation agent on Jan 28, 2015 through our problem on the last day of our trip with obtaining airport transfer vouchers to return from Las Vegas. The letter was mailed a week ago today and we have not heard from anyone at Legendary Journeys.

Just to mention some of what we experienced :(1) being directly lied to by the reservation agency (2) receiving documentation for other clients (3) having no one show up at the airport to pick-up a flight of fifteen clients coming in on the same plane (4) being told by the bus driver, when he finally showed up, that he was instructed to take us to a different hotel than all of us had on our paperwork (5) registered at a hotel in Albuquerque that had no access for the disabled & a number of the guests needed to move several times before founding acceptable rooms (6) a totally incompetent bus driver and tour guide, that resulted in missing THE BALLOON FIESTA morning accession after being in a bus for five hours (7) traveling in a bus for several days, that vibrated, was filthy, had seats and head rests that had padding coming out, and in some cases the metal rod supporting the head rest sticking out AND a rest room that was not equipped with the necessary supplies nor maintained properly, resulting in a foul odor most of the trip that penetrated throughout the bus.

I think you would agree that these experiences justified people being upset with Legendary Journey and wanting to register a complaint. One person on each bus began to gather email addresses of anyone who wanted to be a part of a collective complaint letter.

When we returned to our hotel room on Oct 7, 2015 , there was a folder piece of paper taped to our door, a copy of an email sent to me by Legendary Journeys Vice President Charles Scott. It was one of the most unprofessional and poorly written correspondences we ever received. It contained typos and grammatical and punctuation errors. Paraphrasing it said.... that it had been brought to his attention that I was very intent on creating a disruption and that it would "stop without fail" or I would be removed from the trip! It lacked clarity and specificity; it ordered me to "stop without fail" but not one example of disruption was provided. One cannot "stop without fail", if they don't know what it is they're doing. This e-mail was an unsubstantiated, unfounded, libelous and egregious attempt to threaten and intimidate two clients' and their dissenting opinion of services provided by Legendary Journeys.

In conclusion, most of what we experienced was avoidable and certainly within the control of Legendary Journeys and their representatives to make right. No one representing Legendary Journeys ever took responsibility for errors made, but rather blamed others, acted irresponsibly, compounded grievances, played fast and loose with the truth and acted evasively. We will NEVER, EVER have anything to do with Legendary Journeys again. We will be diligent in sharing our horrendous Legendary Journeys experience with our innumerable colleagues, acquaintances, friends and family to assure that none of them ever have such a frustrating and miserable trip as we did.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality at Legendary Journeys. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Legendary Journeys to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was being lied to and poor service. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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We had a very similar experience from Oct 7-21, 2015 on a trip down the Danube with Legendary Journeys. They don't pay attention to the little details that can make or break a good experience, such as informing us that the transfer buses at the Munich airport to our hotel left from a different terminal than we arrived at.

This caused an hour and a half delay and anxiety thinking we were in the right place.

The "upgraded hotel" did not provide the free breakfasts as advertised.

Bus drivers and a trip from *** from Budapest to Seefeld, Austria. They were a last minute hire as LJ didn't provide enough buses to transport all the passengers to Austria in the "good" bus company.

We arrived 4 hours after the first buses left and the drivers were pouring coffee, using the GPS, etc. WHILE driving, the bus swerving on the Autobahn. And they got lost numerous times.

The day we left, some passenger's luggage went to the airport two hours before they left the hotel, making them wonder if they would ever see their luggage again.

And more.

The cruise line itself was wonderful, but it was the LJ portion that was terrible.

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